How Much Money Will You Need To Go To The United States And Study?

The United States is both the most popular place for foreign students to go and one of the most popular and expensive education systems in the world, so it’s a good place for both. Is this, then, true?

“How much does it cost to study in the United States?” They should help you figure out what’s going on. In the United States, what kind of fees would you pay to study abroad?

  • In the United States, there are costs to go and study.
  • Visa and fingerprinting fees in the U.S.
  • The fee for the application to get into college
  • The translation fee
  • The insurance fee is paid by the customer.
  • A house costs a lot in the US.
  • Living costs in the US

There are costs that you need to think about before you go to the United States to study.

Tuition fees to study in the US

The cost of tuition will depend on what you study, how much you study, and where you live. In general, public schools in the United States will cost less to study abroad than private schools.

Also, if you go to the best schools, you’ll have to pay more for your tuition. In the table below, you can see how much it costs to go to school in the US.

To cut down on the cost of studying in the US, you can go to a two-year Community College program instead of a four-year Bachelor’s degree, which costs an average of about $ 26,290 per year at US public schools (about 615 million VND per year, according to the College Board 2018-2019).

To study in the United States, you can also apply for grants. As a study abroad consultant for 50 years, IDP is the group that runs and coordinate many major scholarship programs from partner schools. IDP is the group that manages and coordinates many of these programs.

To get the most up-to-date list of scholarships for studying in the United States, you can call or write to IDP. Experienced people will also help you with your US student visa application for free.

2. Fee for US student visa and fingerprinting.

As soon as you are accepted by a university, the school will send you a form called an I-20. This form will help you speed up the process of getting a student visa (F1).

Applicants for a student visa to study in the United States must pay a fee of up to 510 dollars, which includes an interview fee and a security fee (SEVIS I-901 Fee)

3. Admission application fee.

The fee for applying to a school will depend on which one you choose. It can range from about $100 to free at some schools.

4. Translation fee.

US study documents cost about 800,000 VND each. In other words, if you apply directly to IDP, this fee isn’t charged.

International Development Programs (IDP) always has programs for students who apply to study in the United States. These programs include free translation and counseling, as well as support in applying for a US student visa, help with practice interviews for visa interviews, and support in booking airline tickets at a discount. Contact IDP for more information about this promotion, which is subject to change.

5. Insurance fees.

When you study in the US, you need to buy insurance because the cost of medical tests there is very high. Insurance for international students ranges from basic to very advanced, and costs about 2,000 dollars a year for a full year.

6. Cost of housing in the US.

Dorms, rental apartments, and homestays are three of the most common places for international students to stay in the United States. Depending on where you live and how much space you have, the costs will also be different. It is almost certain that rent will be higher in a big city like New York or Washington, D.C. than in a small city.

If you live in a dorm on campus, it will be easy and safe because it is close to the school. If you live with a local, you will be able to learn about the American way of life in the most natural way.

However, if you have a lot of independence and freedom, you can rent an apartment with someone and share space. Here are some housing costs for you to look at.

7. Cost of living in the US

  • Food costs: 300-500 USD/month

Meals for overseas students typically cost between $300 and $500 USD a month. Fast food restaurant chains are chosen by many international students because of their convenience and fast, affordable prices. To ensure hygiene and adequate nutrition, you should also go to the market and prepare at home.

  • Travel expenses: 50-100 USD/month

When it comes to getting around, there is public transportation in every state. Most of the time, buses are the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Ticket prices vary by week or month.

If you’re taking a taxi, make sure the company is reputable to avoid big price differences. Then, you can go to school on a bicycle to get some exercise and cut down on the number of cars.

  • Internet, electricity, phone: from 20 USD/month

If you live in a dorm or stay with a family, most of the electricity, water, and internet bills are included in your rent. However, if you live alone, you’ll have to pay about $20 to $60 a month for this.

It costs about 50-100 dollars a month to go to the movies and shop. Do not waste money on things you do not need. Take advantage of student discounts.

Free support from IDP

In order to apply for a study abroad program, students and parents have to answer a lot of questions. IDP understands this. A lot of schools have deadlines you need to keep in mind so you don’t miss out on any chances. You can contact our consultants if you want to study in the US in the near future. They will be happy to answer any questions that you have about the process.

Free support services from IDP include:

  • Free consultation to study in the US, saving solution
  • Advice on choosing the right school & course
  • Introducing American scholarships that match your ability.
  • Support in applying for admission, tracking progress and receiving confirmation letters from the school
  • Practice interview, complete US student visa application for free with a high success rating
  • Advice on accommodation, financial planning, booking air tickets, equipping skills before you leave.

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